Who has the power?

Hi All, I hope this blog finds you well.

I must admit I loved it. It was worth the hassle. I wish I could do more of it. What am I talking about? Seeing humans operating outside the ‘norm’. Without those things that we take for granted in day to day life. You know, things like running water, electricity, a roof overhead in poor weather, etc.

I often thought about carrying a power point in my pack ready to hang up somewhere each time we stopped and camped.

I never actually got the point of carrying a power point to stick on a tree (as above) but I spoke of it many times. But once I did take a tap attached to a short piece of gal water pipe. I was on a multi day hike with a group of 15 year old, city dwelling boys. Sneakily, I punched the tap and pipe into the ground as we arrived at camp. When asked where the water was I pointed to the tap. More than one boy tried the tap.

They returned to inform me it wasn’t working. I said “Just pick it up and jam it in somewhere else and have another go”. They did.

It still didn’t work. Ah well. Made me giggle. Is that evil?

Not everything has to be a serious lesson about life.

Til next time, Camp in Comfort.

Scottie B

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