Kids living a ‘Bigger Life’

I hope this post finds you and your family well.

Okay, this time I am actually sitting at my desk cause its pouring with rain outside! So it’s time to get into some inside work. Being the school holidays here the kids are in their room tidying (supposedly) so the vacuum cleaner can actually see the floor! My office is opposite their bedrooms so I’ve hunkered down to do some more research on a couple of topics.

I’ve been employing the age old tactic of doing my own thing whilst keeping an eye on the kids progress. If I read my own book I would find out that this isn’t exactly parenting 101! So I combined a couple of topics and came across a good blog post that I want to share.

We have recently been encouraging our kids to think a ‘bigger life’. Nothing too massive but looking a bit further down their life journey and seeing reason to be positive, not just day to day existence, which is very easy to fall into if we don’t think about it deliberately. My wife (T) came across a book, The Big Life Journal for kids. We have ordered one for each of the children. It has also put us on the database for their email newsletter. This blog came across my desk in this mornings email. Click here for the blog link. Have a read and think about putting the printable banner up somewhere to keep the kids focus on positivity. It’s not all fairies and stardust. It’s a well balanced article that might help you to get your kids to think about living a bigger life.

Spend time encouraging your kids to live ‘Bigger’

In the meantime, stay dry and when possible, get outdoors with your family. Nothing creates positive attitudes more than exploring outside!

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