Hot Camping!

Hi All

Well, Easter is not far away and the weather has the potential to be hot here where I live and work at present but fortunately the beach isn’t too far away. With kids it can bring the double edge sword that is play and danger! For the most part we go to what I would consider a very safe inlet beach. It is shallow and slow moving water on the turn of the tide. Plus our kids are very good swimmers (some say natural water babies!).

Sometimes all it takes to make a few days of the holiday a misery is an unwell child. This has happened to us only rarely but each time it has been when we, the parents, have forgotten the basics. Sunscreen regularly and drinking plenty of water. Late in the day the headaches start and by then it’s too little, too late and we know we are in for 24 hours of grizzles, including the restless nights sleep. No one is happy then! And of course sugary drinks don’t help the process.

Our kids have always worn long sleeve rashies in and around the water. And, where possible, its hats and shirts.

So now we look like English tourists as we stroll down to the beach fully covered from head to toe and zinc creamed as well, carrying a tub of water and a tub of sunscreen. But you know what? We haven’t had too many grizzle parties lately!

All the best, Camp in Comfort, Scottie B

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