Case Study – How not to plan!

I had a phone call the other day. I’d rather not name him so let’s call him Rob. He rang to change the date slightly for the pickup of his hire camper trailer. He wanted to pick it up late in the afternoon the day before his I started as he was going to be leaving very early the next morning.

This is quite a common occurrence for us and generally if the trailer is picked up after 4 PM, then we can make it happen at no extra charge. I jumped onto our booking software to see if this would be an issue or not, feeling pretty confident because the week before Easter is not normally all that busy. And that’s the key word… Easter!

It turns out that Robert didn’t actually have a booking. His wife had emailed through an enquiry and we had responded saying there was a trailer available, but somewhere along the lines of communication was mixed up and no booking was actually made (we require a $100 deposit to hold a booking).

Don't be like Rob! Plan well ahead to avoid disappointment, no matter where or how you are going.

Don’t be like Rob! Plan well ahead to avoid disappointment, no matter where or how you are going.

So at this late stage Rob has a couple of options, but neither of them are around having a holiday trip away that he hoped for. You see, is already booked the site at the caravan park and now can’t find a camper trailer to get onto it.

I’m not sure how Rob will go, but I sure am hoping that he can find something or grab the late cancellation. Either way, it’s not ideal.

It pays to plan ahead and create a checklist early on all those things that you need to get done and in what order. Think of it as a mini project management process. If you don’t spend any time early on its can create problems later on.

If you don’t have a planning checklist or don’t know how to go about planning your trip away. Click here to get a copy of our ‘Project Camp’ planning checklist.

All the best, camp in comfort, Scottie B
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