Compass Program: Quality relationships with your kids don’t just happen.

How do you build, nurture and maintain deep relationships with your children and build their emotional intelligence? How are you ensuring your child/children are on the right path? What does the right path even look like? Join us on the Navigator Program to take control of your child’s pathway to adulthood.

Connector Program: It’s all about family and environment.

Our lives are filled with ‘stuff’ and our time is fully booked. Time away from distraction, digital items and phones is essential to re-centre ourselves for health and to improve our efficiency and creativity. Join us on the Connector Program.

The Navigator Program: We connect Kids to parents, People to environment.

In the absence of parents defining the pivotal moments in our child’s life, society and/or the children themselves will find their own ways of ‘proving’ themselves. Identify, design and celebrate the milestones in your children’s lives through our Navigator program.

What I Do

I work in the Outdoor Adventure Industry and I specialise in creating relationship focused camping adventures for families. I'm known for connecting kids to parents and people to environment. I believe that there is power, magic and healing at the intersection of human relationships and the natural environment.

The 5 step Navigator Program

  • 1. Pin it - what does your relationship look like? Where is your child at?
  • 2. Map it - what do you want your relationship to be?
  • 3. Plan it - How will you get from where you are to where you want to be?
  • 4. Do it - implement your plan
  • 5. Review it - take stock of where you are and look back to plan forwards


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